Welcome to the web site of the Original Stone  Association of Free Will Baptists. We hope that this site  will help you become familiar with our denomination and  association.

It is a work in progress. One purpose of this work is  to provide a venue for all the churches in the  association to share information. You can e-mail  any announcements or church related information  you would like posted on this site. The e-mail  address will be provided at the bottom of this  section.

One improvement we would like to make, is to be  able to put the actual street address for each  church along with their information. This will allow  the web site users to be able to look up directions  to the churches on internet map sites if they do not  know where they are. Please review your church  information in the churches section and e-mail the  actual street address so it can be included. Also,  please check to see if your meeting days and times  are listed correctly.

We would also like to ask that all the ministers in the  association review their information in the preachers  section and check for errors and missing  information or pictures. You may  e-mail any  changes needed so it can be updated. Also if you  would like, you can include an e-mail address where  you can be contacted.

Please e-mail any revivals or activities for your  church to suedyer123@hotmail.com  I will post on the website.  Also, please notify me of any errors or  additions to your church listing.  I need to know if you change pastors or add a deacon, church  address, etc.  I will be happy to update that  information for your church.  For example some  churches show pastor as vacant, if you have chosen  a pastor please let me know.  I would like to list your deacons too.

If for some reason, you can not e-mail, you may call:
Barbara Sue Dyer at 931-261-0547


Ladies Conference

Freewill Baptist Headquarters Bldg

March 16, 2019 – 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p. m.  Speaker:  Margaret Pack.  Singers:  Sisters by Grace.  Bring a covered dish.  Proper Attire:  Dresses or skirts

Revival – Dodson Branch FWB Church

March 25 – 29, 2019

Bro. Clayton Lee will be preaching Monday, Wednesday and Friday  and Bro. Mark Lee will          preaching on Tuesday and Friday Special Singing Each Night

Singing School

The Stone Bible Institute is considering having a singing school in the near future.  We haven’t set dates and times as yet.  However, in our planning, it has occurred to us that we need to know if we have enough interest in a singing school to proceed.  We haven’t set any definite times as yet, but believe we would have a class one night a week (such as a Monday night) for several weeks.  The classes would be held at the Association Headquarters.

Please announce this and ask your church how many would be seriously interested in such a school.  If you would do this and report back with a number to Bro. Bill Montandon, Bro. Jon Baker or Bro. Dow Allen by the March Conference (March 1 and 2), we could make plans accordingly.  I believe a singing school would be helpful enjoyable to many of our people.

Thank you in advance.

Bro. Bill Montandon