Bible Institute

2 Timothy 2:15   Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be
ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Prospective Student:
Stone Bible Institute is now in our Sixth year!   Thank you for your interest in Stone Bible Institute’s
programs of study. Our goal is to provide you with a top-quality Christian education tailored to meet
your individual needs. I would like to take this opportunity to detail the advantages found at SBI.

Our course material is designed to be flexible.  Students may choose from on-site classes taught by
knowledgeable, experienced teachers; the distance-learning program that offers an excellent
education at home; or combine both to fully meet your own requirements. Coupled with the
opportunity to earn experiential credit for time and work experience, the student has a flexible
schedule available to obtain the most from their study experience.
Our course material focuses on excellence. The faculty is committed to delivering the best quality
education available. Our committed faculty and advisors, challenging academic programs, and
fundamental commitment to biblical truths ensure the student will be well prepared to face the
challenges of their chosen ministry.
Our course material is affordable. SBI offers truly affordable tuition set at $10.00 per credit hour.
Help is just a call or email away. Faculty members are available to assist in answering your course
related questions. Financial aid, scholarships and individual aid opportunities at local church and
associational levels are available.
Request an informational packet today by contacting Rudy Oakes at 423-718-0944!   We look
forward to hearing that you have joined the SBI family and have accepted the challenge of pursuing
your college education through our program.

The Following classes are available:

Conditional Salvation
The Office of Deacon
The Ordinance of “Baptism”
The Ordinance of “Communion”
The Ordinance of “The Washing of The Saints’ Feet”
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
Church Government
Pastoral Leadership
The Doctrine of the Son
The Doctrine of Sin
The Doctrine of the Father
The Doctrine of the Church
The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
The Doctrine of Heaven
The Doctrine of Satan
The Doctrine of Hell
The Doctrine of Prophesy
The Doctrine of Angels
The Doctrine of Evangelism
The Doctrine of the Bible
The Doctrine of Man
The Doctrine of the Trinity
Biblical Evangelism
Revelation Study – Endtime Beliefs
Book of Isaiah
Study of  Romans, I & II Corinthians
The Life Of Jesus – Part 1


Adminstrator:  Rudy Oakes (D.MIN)

Treasurer: Bro. Shirley Billingsly

Board: Current WSAFWB Executive Committee:

Frank Davis, Dennis Deweese, Ronnie Dunn, Freddie Savage, Jeremy Norris

Rules of Operation & Registration

Registration Form

Any questions regarding the Bible Institute may be addressed to:

Rudy Oakes
302 Oakes Rd
Pikeville, TN 37367
Phone: 423-718-0944