History of Stone Seminary

The Stone Seminary Freewill Baptist Church was organized on October 9,
1921 at the home of Bro. P. C. Walker, Putnam County, Tennessee,
Cookeville, Route 5.  The following Officers were selected:
Bro. George Selby, Deacon
Bro. George McCormick, Deacon
Bro. John Walker, Treasurer and Steward
Bro. J. A. Clouse, Clerk
Bro. G. B. Brown, Sparta, Tennessee, Route 8, served as Moderator.

On August 9, 1924 met in session at Bro. P. C. Walker’s house with two
deacons,  Bro. Green Selby and Bro John Walker and Clerk, Bro. J. A.
Clouse in attendance.   Land was donated to build the church and for the
cemetery by Bros. C. M. Stone, John Walker, J. Wilhite and Watson
Powers.   Bro. John Walker was chosen to supervise the building
construction and clearing of the land and cleaning out the right of way.  We
could find no  record of when the building was completed or when the first
service was held at the new building.  Records show that services were held
at Mt. Herman during this time.

The following is a list of the first 50 members:

1.        George McCormick
2.        Winnie McCormick
3.        Herman McCormick
4.        Della McCormick
5.        John Walker
6.        Dealey Walker
7.        Phillip Walker
8.        Mary D. Walker
9.        Mary hunter Selby
10.      Green Selby
11.      Burton Peek
12.      Maggie Peek
13.      E. J. England
14.      Jane England
15.      Lara Peek
16.      Nancy Ann Phifer
17.      Sarah Peek
18.      Myrtle Daniels
19.      Robert Randolph
20.      Ethel Wilson
21.      Rosa Wilson
22.      Noah Wilson
23.      Lizzie Wilson
24.      Minnie Lou Huddleston
25.      C. M. Stone
26.      James Daniels
27.      Alennie Daniels
28.      Annie May Daniels
29.      Gladys Daniels
30.      J. A. Clouse
31.      Della Clouse
32.      Henry Grimes
33.      Agusta Phifer
34.      Alice Phipps
35.      Watson Powers
36.      Nora Powers
37.      Walter Phifer
38.      Cletha Selby
39.      Emma Selby
40.      J. M. Randolph
41.      Liza Jan Randolph
42.      U. L. Randolph
43.      Daisy Randolph
44.      R. L. Clouse
45.      Ova Huddleston
46.      Bell Isom
47.      Rockey England
48.      Willie England
49.      Monroe Daniels
50.      Etta Mae Daniels

We have record of a total of 294 members to date.

The church building has had two additions to add classrooms and
bathrooms.  The last addition was in 1974 when a Sunday school classroom
was taken to add bathrooms and an addition was added to the rear of the
building for classrooms.

We would like to hear from anyone with any information on former Pastors of
our church. Records indicate that Bro. G. B. Brown, Sparta, TN was the first
Pastor of the church when it was organized.  The following is a list of other
Pastors as we know them:

1.        W. B. Gentry
2.        E. J. Hickey
3.        D. B. Hammons
4.        Alva Hall
5.        B. F. Dunham
6.        W. M. Stowers
9.         Eskel Baker
10.       W. C. Bean
11.       Arvil Lee
12.       T. K. Prichard
13.       Fowler Montgomery
14.       Critt Holman
15.       Earl Williams
16.       Marvis Lee
17.       Jack Taylor
18.       Eddie Payne
19.       Don Brewer
20.       James Randolph
21.       Mayford Beaty
22.       Charlie Potter
23.       Harold Walker
24.       Lester Prichard
25.       Glen Bilbrey
26.       O.E. Daniels
27.       Ray Anderson
28.       Scott Cumby
29.       David Wilson
30.       Stacy Tolleson
31.       Cleve Hitchcock
32.       Frank Davis
33.       Billy Phillipa
34.       Andrew Miller/Jeff Clayborn
Miller 1st and 34rd Sundays
Clayborn 2nd and 4th Sundays

The following is a list of Deacons as we know them:

1.        George McCormick
2.        Green Selby
3.        John Walker
4.        P. C. Walker
5.        U. L. Randolph
6.        Pleas Deering
7.        Harvey Mansell
8.        Hazel Clark
9.        Cordell Walker
10.      Burdette Randolph
11.      David White
12.      Marvin Dyer

Unfortunately, some church records have been lost down through the years,
anyone knowing of any mistakes in the above listed information, please
contact us.

Again, we ask if anyone has any information on previous Pastors or
Deacons of our Church, please notify Sue Dyer, 635 Dyer Lane, Cookeville,
TN 38501.  email:  Suedyer1@hotmail.com