Currently, the Stone Association has churches in seven Middle Tennessee Counties and a total of 31 churches on the roll.

13 churches in Putnam County: Antioch, Buckner, Crossroads,
Duncans Chapel, Gentrys Chapel, Lillys Chapel, Mt. Pleasant, Ozion, Pleasant
Ridge, Post Oak Shade, Shady Grove, Stone Seminary,and Yankeetown

5 churches in Cumberland County: Bakers Crossroads, Mt. Zion,
Ridgedale, Smiths Chapel, and Winesap.

4 churches in DeKalb County: Johnsons Chapel, New West Point,
Taylors Providence, and Mt. Pisgah.

4 churches in White County: Bethel, Board Valley,  Hensleys
Chapel, and Yankeetown.

3 churches in Van Buren County: Mooneyham, Plainview, and

1 church in Jackson County: Dodson Branch.

1 church in Warren County: Cumberland Chapel.