1879 Minutes

The Delegates comprising the Fourteenth Anniversary of the Stone Association
assembled at the Laurel Creek Church, Cumberland county, Tennessee on
Friday, the 3d day of October ,a d., 1879.

After prayer by Elder John Kinnaird, the Introductory Sermon was preached by
Elder John Brewster from the 15th Chapter of the Gospel recorded by St. John,
and the first clause of the 5th verse, “I am the vine, ye are the branches.”
The delegates from the different Churches being called,came forward and took
their seats. The Association then proceeded to organize, by electing Elder
Benjamin Clouse, Moderator, and Bro.R. L Gentry, Clerk.
Letters from the different Churches were then called for and were read and
received. The door to admit sister Churches as members of the Association was
then opened, when there were two presented themselves by their delegates-T.
C. Peek and John Brewster, duly appointed, and were received in due form, they
having presented petitionary letters, which letters were read and received.
On motion, the Association adjourned until 4 o’clock p. m.

Afternoon Session-Met pursuant to adjournment, and after prayer by the
moderator, proceeded to business. Corresponding letters were called for,when
one from New Union Association of United Baptist was presented by its
delegates, duly appointed, to wit: A. D. Jones, William Massa, J. H.Brannum, M.
Curtis, and W. H. Trammel, which letter was read and received, and the
delegates invited to seats: that being present, came forward and took their seats.
On motion, the Association adjourned until Saturday morning , 8 O’clock.

Saturday-The Association met pursuant to adjournment, and after prayer by
Elder T. J. Clouse, proceeded to business. On motion, and in pursuance of
Section 9 of the Declaration of Rights,there were appointed as Presbyters,
Elders T. J. Clouse, John Brewster,Joseph A. Moyers, G. L. Moyers and John
Stowers for the next associational year.
On motion, the ministers were appointed to attend the several churches as
pastors thereof, to-wit:

Antioch-Willis Bush and John Fuquay
Board Valley-Benjamin Clouse and E. Pennington
Blackburn’s Fork-Jesse Allen and John Kinnard
Bethel-T. J. Clouse
Calf Killer-Benjamin Clouse
Caney Fork-E. Pennington and  Lewis Howell
Crooked Creek-W. P. Brown and  John Brewster
Cane Creek-Willis Bush and John Fuquay
Copeland Creek-G. L. Moyers, Joseph Moyers and john Stowers
Chapel Hill-Lewis Howell and Benjamin Clouse
Dodson’s Branch-Jesse Allen and Nathan Judd
England Cove-E. Pennington and Benjamin Clouse
Highland-John Kinnard and J. J. Speck
High Rock-Mathias Judd and John Judd
Indian Creek-C. Alred and W. Y. Tinch
Laurel Creek-G. L. Moyers and Joseph A. Moyers
Liberty-W. B. Isbell
Macedonia-Nathan Judd and Mathias Judd
Mt. Pisgah-Joseph A. Moyers and John Brewster
Shady Grove-John Kinnard and J. J. Speck
Viola-T. J. Clouse and Mansfield Howell
Zion Hill, P. C.-Benjamin Clouse, Mansfield Howell and R. L. Gentry
Zion Hill, C. C.-Joseph A. Moyers and G. L. Moyers
Elder James A. Moyers, at his own request, was released from pastoral labor for
the next associational year.Elder W. E. Smith, upon the report of the Board of
Presbyters, was dismissed from the Association, and his credentials declared
null and void.

On motion, it was agreed that we have correspondence with New Union
Association of United Baptist, and one Messenger from each Church from this
Association was appointed, to wit: John Fuquay, Benjamin Clouse, R. F. Pippin,
Robert Horn, John A. Brown, John Brewster, James A. Moyers, Wm. Boisley,
Lewis Howell, Jesse Allen, Wm. Emery, James Crabtree, Center Alred, G. L
Moyers, Joseph Whieaker, Jackson Lee, Jr: Joseph A. Moyers, Thomas Neal, R.
L. Gentry, Mansfield Howell, John Judd, T. J. Clouse and W. B. Isbell, and that
this Association send up a letter of correspondence to New Union Association,
when convened with the Indian Creek Church, Dekalb County, Tenn., on Friday
before the second Lord’s Day in September, 1880.

On application of R. L. Gentry and J. J. Speck, and they being recommended as
candidates for the Ministry, and being declared qualified by the Board of
Presbyters, they were ordained to the office of Elder by prayer and the
imposition of bonds.
On motion, it was resolved that the next Association be held with Church at Zion
Hill, Putnam County, Tennessee, commencing on Friday before the third Lords
Day in October, 1880, and that Elder G. L. Moyers be appointed to preach the
introductory sermon, and Elder Benjamin Clouse his alternate.
Resolved, That the following be the form of letters of correspondence to the
Annual Association, to wit:
We, the Christian Baptist Church of Christ, at________County, Tenn, to the
Stone Association.
Dear Brethren: We have chosen our
Messengers,____________,____________,____________ to represent us in
your body. The statistics of our church are as follows: Increase by baptism_____
by letter_____, by restoration______,Our decrease by letter_____, by
death_____ by exclusion___ Total in Fellowship_______. Our day of meeting is
the _____Sabbath. We send contribution,$_____

Declaration Of Rights

Section 1. That all power of Church Government is inherent in the people and
the Preachers, that is the churches; that they have a right through their
representatives to establish, alter or amend their form of Church Government,
two-thirds agreeing thereto.
Sec. 2. That a Christian Church is a society of believers in Jesus Christ and is a
divine institition,Christ Jesus being the head of the Church, and the Bible the
only rule of faith and practice.
Sec. 3. That no rule of faith and doctrine shall ever be established in the
Christian Baptist Church contrary to the Bible.
Sec. 4. No person who loves the Lord Jesus Christ and obeys the gospel should
be deprived of church membership.
Sec. 5. Every man has an inalienable right to private judgement in matters of
religion, and may speak freely of the same in a way that will not violate the law of
God, or the laws of his country, or the rights of his fellow-men.
Sec. 6. Church trials should be conducted on Gospel principles only, and no
minister or member should be excommunicated except for immorality,or the
propagation of unchristian doctrine, or neglect of duty enjoined by the word of
God, or the rules of the church.
Sec. 7. The church has a right to form and enforce such rules and regulations
only,as are in accordance with the Holy Scriptures, and may be necessary to
carry into effect the great system of practical Christianity.
Sec. 8. There may be three grades of Associations established in the Christian
Baptist Church.1st.-The Monthly Association. 2d.- The Annual Association.
3d.-The General Association, all of which may be established by the rules of the
Sec. 9. The Annual Association has the right to elect Presbyters for the
purpose, and with the power to ordain candidates to the ministry, and to pass
upon and declare the credentials of any Minister not found worthy or qualified
for the ministry, null and void.
Sec. 10. That the Church has the right to elect their leaders and delegates to
the annual association. All the members are entitled to a vote in the elections
and church trials.
Sec. 11. It shall be the duty of every church to elect two deacons and one clerk.
Sec. 12. It shall be the duty of each church to send up their delegates with
letters to the Annual Association.
Sec. 13. It shall be the duty of the Annual Association to send to the general
Association, delegates with corresponding letters in order.

 Rules Of Decorum

We, the Christian Baptist Church of Christ, believing it to be our duty to convene
ourselves together in an associated capacity, in order to set forth our principles,
and also rules of decorum for the churches to be governed by in the future, the
following rules shall be our decorum:
1st.-The Association shall be composed of the members chosen from sister
Churches of the same faith and order.
2nd.-This Association shall be opened by prayer to Almighty God.
3rd.-One of the members of this Association shall be chosen to preside, who
shall be addressed by the name of Brother Moderator, and to him every speech
shall be directed, and he shall not have the  liberty of discussing any subject
unless the chair is filled by someone else.
4th.-And we will have the liberty of choosing our own clerk, and there shall be a
door open for sister churches into the Association.
5th.-No complaint shall be brought in the church against transgressing members
until the aggreived party comply with the directions given by our Lord in St.
Matt., 18th. Chap. 15, 16 and 17 verses.
6th,-Every motion made and seconded, shall come under the consideration of
the Association unless withdrawn by those who made it.
7th.-If the minority are at any time grieved by the majority, they are hereby
directed to make the same known immediately to the association, and if
satisfaction cannot be attained, it may be necessary in that case to call help
from other associations.
8th.-If at any time  the Association should deem it necessary to make
amendments, it may be done provided two-thirds of the Association be in favor
of it.
9th.-All the business of the Association shall be recorded by the clerk, and
before the association rises, the same shall be read and corrected, if need be.
10th.-It shall be the duty of the delegates of the different churches, who have
been elected, to bring up letters in order to the Annual Association.
11th.-It shall be the duty of the deacons of the churches to go to transgressing
members, talk to them, admonish them, and they shall have until the  second
church meeting to make reconciliation. It may be the duty of the church to
choose a committee to settle questions of aggreaved cases.
12th.-It shall be the duty of the deacons to advise the church to promote means
to sustain their churches and  preachers.
13th.-It shall be the duty of each minister on receiving members into the church,
to ask the applicant the following questions;first, do you feel that you love God
with all your heart, soul, mind and strength? Second, are you a believer with all
your heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? Third, are you willing to walk in
all his precepts?
14th.-It shall be the duty of all persons who become members of the Christian
Baptist Church to attend the ordinance of Baptism.
15th.-Each Annual Association shall elect a Treasurer, whose duty it shall be to
hold all the funds which shall come into the Treasury. There shall also at the
same time be a clerk elected, whose duty is shall be to record all the business of
said Treasury. All moneys paid into the Treasury shall be subject to the order of
the Association.
16th.-It shall be the duty of the several churches of this Association to organize
a Church Treasury in like manner to rule 15th, to defray Church expenses.

Articles Of Faith-Christian Baptist  Church
Article 1.-We believe the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament to be
the Word Of God, and the only rule of faith and practice.
Art. 2.-But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we
in Him, and the one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by Him.
1st Cor., 8 chap. And 6th verse.
Art. 3-We believe that man is unable to recover himself from the fallen state that
he is in by reason of sin, only by the grace of God through the exercise of faith.
Art. 4.-We believe that baptism and the Lord’s supper and the washing of saints
feet are ordinances of Jesus Christ and that immersion is the only true baptism,
not the putting away the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience
toward God by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Art. 5.-We believe that no minister has a right to administer these ordinances
except such as are legally ordained.
Art. 6.-We believe in the Resurrection of the dead, and a general Judgement,
the punishment of the wicked and the joys of the righteous are eternal.
Art. 7,-We receive no persons into the Christian Baptist Church of Christ only on
the principle of their conversion.
Art. 8.-We believe that no persons are members of the Church of Christ, only
those that have the witness within themselves.
Art. 9.-We believe that all the members of the Church of Christ have a right to
the Sacrament table, upon the principle of their acceptance with Him, for St. Paul
says,”But let a man examine himself and so let him eat of that bread and drink of
that cup.” 1st Cor.,11th chap. 28th verse.

Church Statistics
                                                   Increased By        Decreased By   Total
Church                  Delegates                     BaptismLetterRestoredLetterExcludedDeath MembersContribution
Antioch              Smith Bryant, George Rodgers   0        0        0        0        0        0        56        0.50
Board Valley      Benj Clouse, F.S. Robinson        0        0        0        0        0        0        112        1.00
Blackmans Fork  Lafeyette Byers, D.G. Bradford  12        0        0        0        1        0        90        1.80
Bethel                T. C. Peek                                 45        0        0        0        0        0        45        0.75
Calf Killer           T. J. Clouse                              11        1        0        0        0        1        64        1.00
Caney Fork         Taylor Hudgens                           3        0        0        0        0        3        40        0.60
Crooked Creek     John Brewster                             0        1        0        0        8        0        46        0.20
Cane Creek         Jas. A. Moyers, J. L. Welch       11        1        0        0        1        1        75        1.20
Copeland Creek  Wm. Boisley, Benj. Clouse          0        0        0        0        0        0        15        0.50
Chapel Hill                                                             7        0        0        0        2        1        97        0.95
Dodsons Branch
England Cove     Elijah England, John Dubois       0        0        0        0        0        0        26        0.50
Highrock                                                                  6        0        0        1        0        0        47        0.50
Highland             J. J. Speck                                   4        0        0        0        0        0        10        0.35
Indian Creek        John Brewster                              0        2        0        3        1        0        20
Laurel Creek        Jas. A. Moyers,  Wm. Brewer        0        1        0        2        0        1        28        1.70
Liberty                 John Brewster                              0        15       0        0        0        0        15
Macedonia                                                              9        0        0        0        0        0        34        0.25
Mount Pisgah      John Judd                                    1        0        1        0        1        1        26        0.20
Shady Grove       E. H. Henry                                   0        0        0        0        0        2        44        0.70
Viola                   J. L. Gentry, N. L. Crawley            2        5        0        0        0        0        27        0.90
Zion Hill P.C.      J. V. Martin,  A. W. Tilley              1        0        0        0        2        5      122      1.00
Zion Hill C.C.      Jas. E. Vanwinkle, G. L. Moyers     0        0        0        0        0        0       22        0.60

Totals——————–                           111      76       1        6       16     15     1091    15.20